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About Comics Fan Box

Enjoy comics the way you were meant to experience them. Crisp artwork, in print, on paper you feel between your fingers. Fantastic stories, old and new, with your favorite heroes unfolding from page-to-page as the comic gods intended. Geek out on the news and editorials in our monthly comics Fanletter and join in the discussion with our online community on Discord.

I grew up going to the comics store every month and joyfully flipping through all the new "floppies" until I finally found one to take home and read. Sadly, there are few of those shops around anymore so my wife and I created the Comics Fan Box to ignite the fire of comic book collecting. Try comics in a genre you think you'll like and read them at home.

Getting your comics is only part of the "comic store" experience we try to emulate. When you find a comic you really like, start your own "pull-list" of comics and we'll send them to you every month. We provide all the protective cover and storage materials on our website. Best of all, you can enjoy the comics with others in discussion groups on our exclusive Discord channel just for Comics fan Box subscribers.


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